Why Us?


Why are Fenton Global rapidly becoming one of the top search companies serving regional and international service providers in telecommunications around the world? If you are new to us, here are 10 reasons for choosing Fenton Global:

1. We know the telecommunications market space.

We put you, the client, first at all times. Our client executive search propositions are built upon deep specialist knowledge, tailored consultancy, client advocacy and service excellence. By working with us, you gain from over 20 years of executive search experience focused purely on the global telecommunications field, covering over 50 countries and growing. We have a wide and substantial network of international relationships with leading executives that are shaping and growing the global telecommunications field. We know where to source the executives that our clients are looking for, and we can identify and communicate with the best talent quickly. Our commitment to our industry, our clients and candidates is the key to our shared success.

2. We are highly experienced in how to build successful teams.

Our focus is on attracting senior level executive talent with a single goal in mind: to help our clients business to continually succeed. Our judgement in sourcing executives has been refined from many years of experience in building teams that excel and create a competitive advantage and ongoing sustainable value. In the past, we built some of the global carriers first ever cohesive global account sales teams to sell on a global basis to world’s largest multinational Fortune 500 companies.

3. We drive the search procedure from start to finish.

We have a passion to exceed the expectations of our clients during the search. We are meticulous in applying the same level and continual high standards to all aspects of our in-depth search process. Our expertise comes from our outstanding research, accurate executive identification and competency based interviewing. We can be trusted to get the task completed, even when faced with complex challenges to achieve a successful conclusion. Our clients executive search needs and requirements vary. Therefore, each search conducted by Fenton Global is highly customised to each client’s needs.

4. We understand both regional and international telecommunication companies.

We have extensive experience in regional service providers and leading international Fortune 100 telecommunication companies who both want to continue their growth and expansion. We are experienced in providing executives that help companies create and progress in the competitive telecommunications market, regardless of the company size.

5. We have a dedicated search team.

We recognise the urgent needs of our clients to react quickly and effectively to their growing and increasingly complex human capital needs. Our responsiveness to our clients and candidates are the cornerstones of our success and repeat business.

6. We are client orientated.

Within Fenton Global’s methodology, we provide a “one to one” approach between the client and the consultant. This ensures that the consultant engaged undertakes the whole search process from in-depth research, to the completion of the search. The consultant will communicate with the client consistently every step of the way through the recruitment process to provide the client with a successful result. We take the time to get to know our clients and their organisations. Similarly, we invest time with our candidates in order to understand their expectations and goals and to understand any outstanding concerns or problems which we will feedback to the client.

7. We are discreet.

All communication with both client and candidate is treated in the strictest of confidence. We are not a company that is motivated by promoting ourselves over the client we are serving. We prefer to work honestly, discreetly in the background.

8. We discuss with you exactly what is going on during the search.

We keep our clients informed at every stage of the search process which is governed by strict mutually agreed time-scales. We will also notify our clients if any immediate action needs to be taken and we regularly update as to the status of the search.

9. We can find the best talent, wherever they are located.

We are well connected in the international telecommunication market place. We are very knowledgeable as to where to go and find the executives that our clients are looking for. Our research capability to accurately identify and screen candidates is both comprehensive and accurate, which benefits from the latest technology.

10. We keep in communication after the search.

Our relationship with both client and candidate continues after the acceptance of a job offer. We keep in contact with both client and candidate to ensure a smooth transition. We seek our client’s feedback at the end of the search to ensure that our high service levels are maintained.