Search Process


Our services

Our pure vertical focus on telecommunications enables us to be experts in the market in which we operate. We are regularly trusted by our clients to complete urgent search assignments which are critical to their future strategic growth.

We provide a one-to-one approach between the consultant engaged and the client to ensure structure and accountability throughout the search process. Behind our thorough search process is a compelling story made stronger through continuous dialogue and feedback. The result is a search that is completed faster, with more market coverage and a better candidate fit.

Our methodology

The depth of our experience has enabled us to refine our search methodology to apply the same consistent, high-quality client service, worldwide. This is regardless of the geographic location of our clients needs and within a given time-frame. The flexibility of our process allows us to adapt to the complexities of each individual search, as no two searches are ever the same.

Defining the search criteria

The start of the search begins with the clear definition of the needs of the client.  As well as an assessment of the position, so as to identify and isolate the key skills required to be successful within the role. The key parameters of the role and its functional responsibilities, qualifications, objectives, goals and challenges are discussed and agreed with the client. The basis of the search strategy is determined, as is the overall recruitment procedure going forward.

The key parameters of the clients needs then form the specification of the search and the criteria for the candidate selection profile.

Our global network

We then speak with familiar contacts and leverage our network of relationships from within the industry to highlight suitable executives who match the agreed core competencies of the search. We would then discuss the specification of the search with these executives either face-to-face or via a telephone call to evaluate their suitability and competencies to undertake the role. During this interaction we would also discuss with the candidate if they are both interested and open to explore the opportunity further, subject to meeting the competencies of the search criteria. At the same time, due to our extensive contacts, we can advise the client of valuable feedback and marketplace perceptions of our client.

Thorough qualitative research

We also agree a list of targeted source companies with the client that suitable candidates would be working within. We then follow an intensive approach to research and to accurately identify qualified candidates from within these source companies.

We also avail ourselves to all the latest technological advances such as proprietary and external databases that make our search process quicker and more efficient, while never losing sight of human contact. Our research is repeatedly refined and is continued throughout the entire search process.

Selected candidates are then approached directly either face-to-face or via a telephone call for an informed and open discussion on the specifics of the role and details and background of the client.

The candidates that we approach generally aren’t actively looking to change roles and who are not checking the internet adverts for their next employer.  We like to give our clients the choice of the complete market of those who are interested or considering the role, as opposed to the small minority that apply for roles that are advertised on the internet.

Objective competency based interviewing

Prior to presenting any candidates to a client, each candidate’s competencies are screened objectively for their suitability against the specification for the candidate selection profile. Candidates are also assessed as to their cultural suitability to smoothly integrate into a client’s working environment. Unsuccessful candidates are also informed with structured feedback at this stage.

Candidate contact

Pre-interview information briefings are then arranged between the consultant and the candidate; this is prior to any face-to-face meetings between the candidate and client. Selected candidates are then introduced to meet with the client.

Our consultants invest in the relationship with candidates through every step of the search process so as that they can make the client aware of any questions or concerns regarding the role that might otherwise impede a successful search.

Candidate job offer

The offer stage can be handled either by the client or the consultant. As a third party, the consultant can act independently to advise both the client and candidate to reach a mutual agreement. From understanding our clients and candidates expectations and objectives helps prevent any unknown issues arising during the offer stage. This is supported by open and regular dialogue with both the candidate and client.

Keeping in touch

Once the search is completed, we continue to follow up with the client and the new hire to make sure that both are benefiting from the relationship and to ensure the smooth integration of the candidate.

At the heart or our search methodology is our goal to be a team that is recognised for providing quality and excellence in the search process and demonstrating an unrelenting focus on client and candidate satisfaction.