Fenton Global has a single vision: to make our clients more successful. We are committed to deliver to the world’s leading telecommunications companies, the differentiating talent needed to gain the competitive edge in today’s global market. We achieve this by providing clients with the best-in-class international executive search solutions to acquire and attain the best talented executives to progress our clients forward.


Our clients choose to work with us because we have a sustainable capability to assist them in finding the very best talent available to meet their organisational objectives. We have a remarkable enthusiasm and knowledge for what we do, which is built on extensive international experience since before the growth in the deregulated telecommunications industry.
We provide our clients with direct and personal access to the telecommunications top talent. We achieve this because we have made it our business over 20 years to relentlessly search the global telecommunication business for the most highly talented executives. Our network of relationships is with many of the key executives shaping the future of the global telecommunications industry.